By being present as a delegating ada stakeholder, as a stakepool owner/operator or as both, you support the Blockchain and project of Cardano and yourself. Be present!


First make sure you select a trustworthy Exchange platform to be able to buy (and sell) ada. Once you have ada, move the ada to local wallet(s) (Daedalus) or hardware wallet(s) and make sure you store your Secret Key(s) (and Recovery Phrase(s)) safely. Never share your Secret Key(s) (and Recovery Phrase(s)), since these supply full access to your ada. Last but not least, make sure you never loose your Secret Key(s) (and Recovery Phrase(s)), since only these supply full access to your ada and, once you lost them, no one will be able to help you to get access to your ada again. Be safe!


The communities of Cardano have proven to be amazingly supportive. Knowledge and experiences are shared, which enables both learning for the ones needing support as well as for the ones sharing their knowledge and experiences. The joy of sharing and being supported can be felt and since we are all learning, the teacher is sometimes the student and the student sometimes the teacher. Long story short, we all grow by helping each other. Be supportive!