Welcome at BeKind Stakepools Online!

We have been heavily involved in the Shelley Incentivized Testnet of Cardano right from the start. BeKind Stakepools Online is running a Cardano stakepool with ticker BKIND in Mainnet (Shelley) since immediately after the hard fork, which happened on 29th of July 2020, 23:44h CET. With this hard fork Cardano has entered a new era, meaning that decentralisation is realised as well as that ada holders can delegate their ada to stakepools. In return for delegating ada to stakepools, the ada holders will receive rewards in the form of ada. Also the doors are opened for all wanting to run a stakepool in the Cardano Blockchain. For more information about delegation and stakepools click here.

We invite you to delegate to BKIND, or to run a stake pool yourself. In both cases, do not hesitate to contact us.