BeKind Stakepools Online delivers the presence of a stakepool in the Cardano Blockchain identified by the name (ticker) BKIND. With that we offer ada stakeholders the possibility to stake (delegate) their ada to BKIND. By delegating ada to our pool, one enables BKIND to produce blocks and with that the ada holder becomes part of and supports the Cardano Blockchain. By delegating ada to BKIND one will receive rewards in the form of ada. There are no risks associated with delegating ada to a stakepool, since the ada are not transferred to the stakepool, the ada are just being made available to the stakepool so these can be used to produce blocks.

Besides running a stakepool, BeKind Stakepools Online also supplies support to ada holders on how to delegate ada and, in case one wants to run a stakepool, in setting up a Cardano stakepool. Please feel free to contact us.