By decentralising the wellbeing of all the members of the ecosystem is realised. Decentralisation is taking away limitations and as a result awakens the creative power we all have inside. Awakening this creative power results in innovations and solutions which always serve the interest of all. BeKind Stakepools Online highly valuates decentralisation and sets an example based upon its principles: Present, Safe and Supportive.


BKIND is present for 24/7/365 (366). This is accomplished by having a redundant configuration in place consisting of high quality components and by having security as highest priority. The pool costs are based upon actual costs (to guarantee continuity) and the margin is set in a way that 50% of the pool earnings can be and are used for supporting the Cardano ecosystem. Supporting the Cardano ecosystem means supplying resources to new pool operators to enable them building, running, maintaining and improving their stakepool according to the example set by BeKind Stakepools Online. The principles of and the example set by BeKind Stakepools Online are highly appreciated by the delegators of BKIND and in return BKIND highly appreciates its delegators for doing so, of which the latter translates into rewards according to the appreciation of and for its delegators.